IWC Portuguese Replica Crawford: A Ambassador, an Exhibition, and Two New Models

IWC Portuguese Replica

It was hard to believe that there were so many thoughts in teenagers' minds in the 1980s.Breitling Replica Cindy Crawford, supermodel of the Y chromosome, was a picture that was adopted almost universally by all. Every woman, and man, of any age, will recall her Shape Your Body video. Its cover shot shows the woman we all wished to be. She is clad in a Baywatch-style scarlet swimming suit.

Cindy Crawford's Shape your Body series of work outs

Crawford was everywhere for the second half of the decade, and into the 1990s. She graced the covers of all the major fashion magazines (back when they were still hundreds of thousands), and provided the eye candy in the music videos of Bon Jovi, George Michael and Duran Duran. While other supermodels were throwing tantrums, refusing to get up from bed, or misbehaving, Crawford was a wholesome, beautiful, professional model who won hearts all over the globe with her body, mind, and professionalism.

The rites of passage to adulthood were much simpler in the pre-Internet age. While we did spend a lot of time talking on the phone (landline), about the latest MTV productions or what to wear for the next Reverberation Club (my hangout), Replica Watches trolling was not yet invented. Peer pressure to purchase the latest disposable goods was much less common. My friends turned 18 in 1995 and received either a piece or a wristwatch as their standard gifts. The default brand for the former was IWC Portuguese Replica. It was a natural fit that the model of the decade became the first ambassador of IWC Portuguese Replica in 1995. This company launched a lot of wannabe Cindy Crawfords into adulthood.

Cindy Crawford is seen here in a mid-1990s IWC Portuguese Replica photography campaign (Image: Beatrice Lang).

Raynald Aeschlimann, IWC Portuguese Replica CEO and President, says about Crawford: "The relationship is more than 20 years old. IWC Portuguese Replica is all about passion, and Cindy is passionate and will always be someone that we look up to.IWC Portuguese Replica When people ask me how I choose ambassadors, I answer that it is more about my values than anything. There are certain beacons in life that illuminate your path. Cindy is one such beacon.

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