The IWC Ingenieur Replica DC-3 is the oldest aircraft to circle the globe

IWC Ingenieur Replica

Yesterday, IWC Ingenieur Replica's DC-3 completed its circumnavigation around the globe.Replica Watches It reached its final point at the IWC Ingenieur Replica Sion Airshow. It is the oldest aircraft to make a round-the world trip.

Jean-Paul Girardin (left), Vice-President at IWC Ingenieur Replica, Francisco Agullo (right), pilot at IWC Ingenieur Replica DC-3 World Tour Press Conference Geneva, March 9th 2017.

The "IWC Ingenieur Replica DC-3 World Tour" was the name of the project. Pilot Francisco Agullo flew 24,500 nautical miles in a 1940 Douglas DC-3, and covered the distance in seven months. The plane traveled through Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East during its trip.Richard Mille Replica Watches Many of the stops featured events in honor of the DC-3 and its participation at air shows. This was in addition to essential servicing and maintenance for the 77-year-old aircraft.

C-47s (the military name of the DC-3) during Berlin Airlift

Two C-47s (military designation DC-3) during World War II

IWC Ingenieur Replica was no longer the Tour's sponsor.IWC Ingenieur Replica In celebration of the plane's remarkable journey, it also created the limited-edition 500-piece Navitimer IWC Ingenieur Replica DC-3 watch. The 500 watches were kept onboard the DC-3 and were accompanied by it throughout the seven-month Tour. IWC Ingenieur Replica's association with this DC-3 date back to 2008 when pilot Agullo purchased the plane and began to restore it with Breiting’s support.

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