Ode to black: IWC Replica, Black Ceramic

IWC Replica

We are able to look at this unlikely piece today, after two years of hard work. This is a testimony to the manufacturer's commitment to creating a Royal Oak that would break all the rules in terms of manufacturing and design. It's evident that Audemars Piguet was able to create a beautiful all-black piece of timekeeping equipment based on the enthusiastic response from watch-loving people to its debut.

Audemars Piguet's attention to detail is evident in the sleek design of the IWC ReplicaBlack Ceramic. The brand claims that the process of hand-finishing and assembling the bracelet takes approximately 30 hours.Richard Mille Replica Watches This is five times the time it would take to make asteeledition.

The bracelet's exquisitely finished links reveal the unique dimensions of each link as well as subtle adjustments made by the brand's artisans to the Royal Oak's traditional form to allow for an all-ceramic design. This edition required the rework of the first screws on the Royal Oak bracelet. These screws are usually located below the surface of the bracelet's sides. As Wei Koh, our founder, explained to Mr. Bennahmias, the screws would "stick out like sore thumbs" if they were not.

Every aspect of the design for the ceramic edition was carefully considered.IWC Replica It took a lot of time to find the right material to treat the ceramic and identify the perfect shade of black for the Royal Oak.

The layman might argue that black is black, but the brand would counter by explaining how different colors reflect light differently. This can have an impact on the watch's character. Audemars Piguet's artisans determined that the watch's Goldilocks ratio (or "just right") was 90percent absorbtion of visible light and 10percent reflection.

600 hours of research and development were required to get the 41mm matte black case just right. It has a perfect balance of polished and brushed surfaces and is extremely sturdy.

Ceramic is extremely hard but can also shatter under stress.Audemars Piguet Replica The brand keeps the strength-enriching metal hidden in the heart of the piece. This clever bit of chemistry is what makes the watch so lightweight and durable. It's almost impervious to scratches and resistant to high temperatures, thermal shocks, and the rigors associated with aging.

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